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Which three thermocouple wires are released in the standard?

Author: 303 views Time: April 17, 2020

Summary of information:

Standard information related to instrument industry

China standard circle Recently, the AQSIQ approved and issued 357 standards, including 235 new standards and 86 international standards. The small edition in which extracts several of our instrument industry related standard information for your reference.

Standard number
Standard name
Substitute standard number
Implementation date
GB/T 2903-2015
Copper copper nickel (Constantan) thermocouple wire
GB/T 2903-1998
GB/T 4994-2015
Iron copper nickel (Constantan) thermocouple wire
GB/T 4994-1998
GB/T 9138-2015
Rebound meter
GB/T 9138-1988
GB/T 12220-2015
Industrial valve mark
GB/T 12220-1989
GB/T 17615-2015
Ni Cr Si Ni Si mg thermocouple wire
GB/T 17615-1998
GB/T 19786-2015
Inspection procedures for wooden packaging containers
GB/T 19786-2005
GB/T 19788-2015
Inspection procedure for honeycomb cardboard box
GB/T 19788-2005
GB/T 30966.5-2015
Wind turbines - Communication for wind farm monitoring systems - Part 5: Conformance testing

GB/T 30966.6-2015
Wind turbines - Communication of wind farm monitoring system - Part 6: logic node class and data class of condition monitoring

GB/T 31423-2015
Guide for performance acceptance of oxygen bomb calorimeter

GB/T 31424-2015
Determination method of coal ash viscosity

GB/T 31425-2015
Technical conditions of coulomb sulfur analyzer

GB/T 31427-2015
Technical conditions of coal ash fusibility tester

GB/T 31429-2015
Guidelines for quality control of coal laboratory testing

GB/T 31473-2015
Halogen gas leak detector



It is understood that the standard "copper copper nickel (Constantan) thermocouple wire", "iron copper nickel (Constantan) thermocouple wire" and "nickel chromium silicon nickel silicon magnesium thermocouple wire" are established by Chongqing material Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chuanyi No.17 Factory Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huaxin Alloy Co., Ltd., and Anhui landeji thermocouple wire It was jointly drafted by enterprises such as the Youth League Co., Ltd. In addition, Changsha Kaiyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in drafting the standard "technical conditions for Coulometric sulfur analyzer". Reprinted from China instrument network.

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