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On the Mid Autumn Festival, Kaitai company gives employees welfare

Author: 331 views Time: April 17, 2020

Summary of information:

Mid Autumn Festival, Shanghai Yinxi temperature measurement equipment Co., Ltd. to staff welfare! Caring for employees' families~

The Mid Autumn Festival will be held once a year. The general manager sympathizes with the employees' subordinates. In order to let the employees have a sense of belonging and ensure that the majority of employees have a good holiday, he thanks the employees for their hard work, implements the humanized system of caring for employees, and stimulates their enthusiasm for work. He specially prepares exquisite moon cake boxes as mid autumn festival gifts for employees.

       The general manager of the company said: in the past days, the employees selflessly contributed and gave greater energy and enthusiasm to Jiangsu Huanya electric heating instrument Co., Ltd. with the joint efforts of all, the company has made great development, the company's corporate culture has been constantly improved, and the management system has been improved, which is inseparable from your hard work. I wish you a big day Happy Mid Autumn Festival at home!

An employee said: "the company cares for us so much, we have no reason not to do a good job."

On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival Haiyin tin temperature measuring equipment Co., Ltd To all staff and Kaitai new and old customers to send the most sincere blessing, wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, happiness and well-being!

    Founded in 1986, Shanghai Yinxi temperature measurement equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in temperature measurement equipment, instruments, metal materials and products, stainless steel products, pneumatic hydraulic equipment, electrical equipment, hardware and electricity, lamps and lanterns, tools, cutting tools, plastic products, water pipe and valve sales, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology, technology in the field of instruments and meters Technology development, technical consulting, technical services, electric hot wire, electric heating alloy, thermometer, instrument, electronic components, precious metal, wire and cable R & D, production and sales integration enterprise. The company has strong technical experts and well-trained technical team, and advanced production and inspection equipment synchronized with foreign countries. The company adopts modern network management and rich human resources. The company strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 international quality system standard, develops new products in a planned and purposeful way, and continuously and steadily expands the scale of the enterprise. Sales network throughout the country, exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions. Due to stable and reliable product quality and warm and thoughtful after-sales service, our company has been widely praised among users in glass, metallurgy, steel, petrochemical and cement industries.

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