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Shanghai Yinxi Temperature Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of electric heating technology. It has introduced advanced production technology and equipment from Europe, and has developed heating cables for building comfortable heating, pipeline insulation and antifreeze, and outdoor snow melting and ice melting. Related supporting products. The company has a production base company and a sales company, which has strong strength, complete production equipment and complete testing methods.

1.Suitable for heating heating of buildings, heat insulation and antifreeze of pipes, outdoor heating and snow melting, series of electric heating cables, series of electric heaters, temperature control systems and related supporting products;

2. A series of electric heating products for white appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, electric water heaters, microwave ovens;

3. High temperature (100 ~ 800 ℃) series mineral insulated heating cables used in oilfield, petrochemical, power and other industrial fields;

4. High fireproof grade mineral insulated power cables and related accessories.

Relevant application technologies have been successfully developed in the fields of melting snow on power grid towers, melting snow on railroad rails, heating cubs in animal husbandry and breeding, and promoting plant root insulation.

The company has always adhered to the needs of users as the core, regards quality as the life of the company, and always adheres to the business purpose of quality first and customers first. While focusing on the domestic market, it has continued to develop international trade business. Europe and other countries and regions. We always regard "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as the continuous pursuit and goal of Shanghai Yinxi, and we are willing to join hands with friends to create a better tomorrow!

company's product:

     加热电缆发热地席等二十余类电伴热产品。 More than 20 types of electric heat tracing products, such as self-limiting temperature electric heating cables, constant power electric heating cables, tropical solar heating electric heating cables, floor heating heating cables, MI heating cable heating mats, and other mats.  

Business Application:

      Oil, electricity, steel, chemical, gas, refrigeration, food, construction, fire protection, solar energy, electric heating (electric underfloor heating), drying room, geothermal cultivation, carriages, offshore oil platforms, west-east gas transmission, etc. Body antifreeze, heat preservation and other electric heat tracing projects.

product quality:
国际质量体系标准,有计划、有目的开发新产品持续稳定地扩大企业规模。 The company strictly follows the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system standards, and plans to develop new products with a purpose to continuously and steadily expand the size of the company. All products are designed and manufactured according to national standards, and all have passed the explosion-proof certification of the National Explosion-proof Appraisal Center. They have more than a dozen national patented technologies, which provide a solid competitiveness for China's electric heat tracing business and technological development.

Company culture:

Never satisfied, enterprising spirit

Hard work, down-to-earth ideological style

Be realistic and pragmatic

Humane care, strengthening humanized management mode

Business philosophy and service purpose:

People-oriented --- pioneering and innovative --- united and forge ahead --- the pursuit of excellence

Service tenet: "Quality first, customer first"


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