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销售员-业务员 [2014-09-21] Salesperson-Salesman
Job description: 1. College degree or above, familiar with background operations such as Alibaba and Baidu 2. 2. One year or more experience in e-commerce and online sales is preferred. Strong planning and execution ability, able to complete daily routine independently
生产文员 [2014-09-21] Production clerk
Job description: Job responsibilities 1. Responsible for data statistics and analysis of various production reports of the production department, and statistics and arrangement of staff attendance; 2. Responsible for production document control and coordination
生产管理 [2014-09-21] Production management
Job description: Fully responsible for the production of the entire factory, do a good job of command and control of the entire production process; ensure the command and control of the production process, ensure the balance and continuity of production operations; supervise, check the entire production
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