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The development of industrial instruments requires more comprehensive talents
Source: Huanya Instrument | Release time: 2012-07-04 16:04:24 | Browse times:
Guide: In 2009, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security adjusted related types of work, combining thermal instruments, automation instruments, chemical instruments, etc. into industrial automation instruments and equipment assembly. This means that the type of work is more comprehensive and comprehensive, and the applicable fields are wider. At the same time, the requirements for the talent team are higher. At present, the talent gap for this type of work is large.

Yang Liang of Aba Aluminum Plant of Bosai Group is a player from the Sichuan team. In his work, he operates a multi-purpose vehicle, often using a multimeter and an instrument for measuring insulation. This time, he participated in the assembly of industrial automation instruments and devices. game.

In the preliminary round held in Sichuan Province, Yang Liang felt okay. "Maybe it happened to be in the basket." However, after participating in the written test of the "Rejuvenation Cup" final on October 24, Yang Liang was a little worried. "The content of the competition is much wider than our contacts. I am not sure of myself." Yang Liang graduated from Sichuan Aba Teachers College in 2009. He has learned industrial automation knowledge in the school. It is often used in work, but he participates in the competition It still feels hard.

In fact, in the competition of industrial automation instrumentation and device assemblers, many players will feel like Yang Liang. This type of work was included in the national first-class competition for the first time this year. This type of work has high requirements on the overall quality and knowledge reserve of the players. Lei Yuntao, the referee of this job competition and professor of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, was interviewed by reporters about the relevant situation of this job.

Lei Yuntao introduced that in 2009, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security adjusted related types of work and merged thermal instruments, automation instruments, and chemical instruments into industrial automation instruments and devices assembly. This means that "the types of work are more comprehensive and comprehensive, and the applicable fields are more extensive, but at the same time, the requirements for the talent team are higher." The technology is relatively single, and there is an urgent need to train a group of talents who have comprehensive process control and comprehensive skills. "

It is understood that industrial automation instrumentation and device assemblers are applied in the fields of petrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, large-scale process control, etc., especially involving many pillar enterprises. The reason why the country classified the previous several types of work into a large category is also because this technology has a large demand in various fields.

Lei Yuntao believes that the current talent gap for this type of work is because the overall quality of this type of work is very high. It requires not only design capabilities but also hands-on capabilities, including maintenance of equipment and production process. Control; not only need to understand the related structure of instruments, but also have the knowledge reserve and keen judgment of related industries.

"Many migrant workers can't do this job, and college students don't particularly agree with frontline work." According to Lei Yuntao's observation, among this type of practitioners, undergraduates account for only about 20%. In Lei Yuntao's opinion, if college students can settle down and have high-end knowledge as support, the future of this job will be very good.

In the talent market, the supply of talent for this job is in short supply. "Although there are schools that specialize in training this type of talents, but because of the late integration of the types of work and the lack of equipment and knowledge updates, the people trained are far from meeting the needs of society." Lei Yuntao said, hoping Skills competitions can attract and encourage high-level talents to enter relevant industries for this job.

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