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New temperature monitoring system protects aluminum electrolytic cell safety
Source: Huanya Instrument | Release time: 2012-07-04 16:06:05 | Browse times:

温度 监测系统”由北京核心动力科技有限公司在京研制成功。 Introduction: Recently, the "electrode cell non-connection freely distributed point shell temperature monitoring system" for the aluminum industry was successfully developed by Beijing Core Power Technology Co., Ltd. The advent of this monitoring system provides a new monitoring method for the safe production and operation of electrolytic cells, and becomes a safety guard for electrolytic production.

The safety of the electrolytic cell is very important for electrolytic production. Once a major accident such as a leak in the electrolytic cell or a side wall burn-in occurs, it will be accompanied by adverse consequences such as production stagnation, overhaul of the stopped cell, and reopening of the cell. Aluminum companies have brought great economic losses. Therefore, monitoring the temperature of the electrolytic cell shell is an important part of the safe production and operation of the electrolytic cell. In recent years, with the vigorous development of the electrolytic aluminum industry, the electrolytic technology has been continuously improved, the output of the single cell of the electrolytic cell has been continuously increased, and the pressure of the electrolytic production and operation has been increasing. The traditional method of using an infrared thermometer and relying on manual irregular inspection of the tank shell temperature has not been able to meet the safety requirements of modern electrolytic aluminum production. In addition, its short monitoring period, the test is greatly affected by the surface of the tank shell, the measurement results have large errors, it cannot be monitored in real time, the early warning mechanism is not perfect, and the test data cannot be summarized.

The measurement of the temperature of the tank shell is one of the important tasks in the production process of the electrolytic aluminum plant. On the one hand, it is necessary to observe the state of the electrolytic cell to ensure the safe production of the electrolytic cell. On the other hand, it has a high reference value for studying the shape of the cell. The shape of the chamber will directly affect the insulation and energy consumption of the electrolytic cell. Electrolytic cell non-connection freely distributed point shell temperature monitoring system uses advanced technology to solve the problems of electrolytic cell safety production and operation for the majority of electrolytic aluminum customers. This system accurately and reliably realizes the real-time monitoring and temperature of the tank shell temperature change. Over-limit real-time warning, due to the use of a non-wired control system, improves the ability to resist the harsh environment and various disturbances around the electrolytic cell shell; solves the problem of continuous monitoring of the electrolytic cell for 24 hours; and reduces manpower investment. The unique connectionless design reduces the labor intensity of installation and wiring. The temperature measurement terminal can be freely arranged and reused. It provides support for managers to understand the operating status of the electrolytic cell and explore the best state of the electrolytic cell. Use can effectively increase the life of the electrolytic cell and reduce maintenance costs.

The electrolytic cell non-connection free-distribution point shell temperature monitoring system consists of a terminal temperature measurement module, a wireless relay, a wireless gateway, a PC server, and data analysis software. A distributed measurement network can be established in the electrolytic workshop. The terminal temperature measurement module can be freely installed and reused. According to the actual monitoring needs, the terminal temperature measurement module can be installed at the side of the electrolytic cell, the bottom or the cathode steel rod head by selecting the suction cup or clip-type installation mode. The module measures the current temperature of the installation point through its temperature-sensitive probe, and also has functions such as working status analysis, fault monitoring, and alarm; wireless relays and wireless gateways are responsible for long-distance data transmission and wireless networking, and terminal measurement. The temperature data measured by the temperature module and the module's working status are transmitted to the PC server through the wireless relay and wireless gateway in real time to achieve data exchange. The temperature analysis data uploaded in real time is stored, analyzed, and judged by the data analysis software. It can directly indicate the position of the over-limit temperature point and provide early warning for the temperature point of over-trend changes. A large amount of monitoring data is stored in the data storage software of the data analysis software, which provides a large amount of data foundation for viewing historical data, analyzing the influence of the temperature change of the electrolytic cell shell on the temperature and temperature field of the electrolytic cell, and researching the shape of the electrolytic cell.

The electrolytic cell non-connection free-distribution point-type tank shell temperature monitoring system has the following characteristics: wireless automatic networking design, free addition of terminal temperature measurement modules, simple system, easy to use, and continuous access to a certain point of the tank shell under unattended conditions Temperature; using intelligent temperature-sensitive components as temperature measurement sensors, accurate and reliable temperature measurement; terminal temperature measurement module provides two installation modes, ready to use, easy to change the measurement position according to actual needs; the system has automatic Over-temperature alarm, status alarm, drop-off and burglar alarm, etc .; adopt various anti-interference technologies to suppress external electromagnetic interference, suitable for electrolytic aluminum on-site use; non-wire design, not only reduces installation and maintenance difficulties, but also guarantees electrolysis Reliable insulation of the tank.

Practice has proved that the system is easy to install and use, flexible and diverse, and has been well received by users. It is the best system for monitoring the temperature of the electrolytic cell shell and the best solution to ensure the safe operation of the electrolytic cell in the field of industrial electrolytic aluminum. Beijing Core Power Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully launched the "Wireless Real-time Monitoring System for Aluminum Electrolytic Cell Temperature" through years of research on the safe operation and protection of the electrolytic cell. Temperature monitoring in special parts, and has a complete early warning mechanism, which can respond to over-temperature points in time, its excellent anti-interference ability, convenient and flexible installation mode, and multiple software service functions on PC servers Safe production provides new technical means and equipment support, and is the new generation of electrolytic cell production guard.

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