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What is the working principle of self-controlling thermoelectric heating belt?
Source: Shanghai Yinxi | Release time: 2014-10-12 8:30:26 | Browse times:
The self-controlling temperature heating belt is a kind of made of conductive core tape with "PTC" characteristics and covered insulation sheath, which can automatically adjust the output power and heating temperature as the temperature of the heated object changes. Electric heating products for cable structure. But many people don't know much about the working principle of self-controlling thermoelectric heating belt. Today we will analyze the working principle of self-controlling thermoelectric heating belt.
The electric heating element of the temperature-controlled electric heating cable is a core tape made by uniformly extruding a layer of PTC material between two parallel metal bus bars. After the PTC material is melt-extruded and cooled to shape, the carbon particles dispersed therein form countless fine conductive carbon networks. When they are connected across two parallel buses, they form a PTC parallel circuit of the core band. When the two bus bars at one end of the cable are connected to the power supply, current flows from one bus bar laterally through the PTC material layer to the other bus bar to form a parallel circuit. The PTC layer is a resistance heating element that is continuously connected in parallel between the bus bars, which converts electrical energy into thermal energy and performs heat tracing and insulation on the operating system. When the temperature of the core tape rises to the corresponding high-resistance zone, the resistance is large enough to almost block the current, and the temperature of the core tape will reach the high limit and no longer rise (that is, automatic temperature limiting). At the same time, the core band transfers heat to the lower-temperature heated system through the sheath, and the heat transferred per unit time when the steady state is reached is equal to the electrical power of the cable. The output power of the cable is mainly controlled by the heat transfer process and the temperature of the heated system.
PTC effect and the characteristics of PTC materials, PTC effect is the positive temperature coefficient effect, which refers to the characteristic that the resistivity of the material increases with the increase of temperature, and the resistivity increases sharply within a certain temperature range. The material with PTC effect is called PTC material. The polymer PTC material of this cable is a blend of semi-crystalline polymer and carbon black.
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