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What are the application scopes of electric heating cable?
Source: Shanghai Yinxi | Release time: 2014-09-27 10:57:01 | Browse times:

What are the application scopes of electric heating cable?

The application of electric heating cable may be known as heat tracing, antifreeze, anti-condensation for pipes, valves, pumps, tanks and tanks in chemical, electric power, machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries. The most effective and advanced method to maintain the process temperature of the medium tank and the infusion pipeline.

The electric heating cable is not only suitable for steam heating places, but also can solve the problem that steam heating is difficult to solve. Shanghai Yinxi Temperature Measurement Equipment Co., Ltd. takes you to know:

Examples of the main application industries of electric tracing products are as follows:

1. Mechanical engineering: vacuum chamber, transportation container, pneumatic pump or hydraulic pressure, metering and conveying equipment, electric heating or constant temperature

2. Chemical industry: heat tracing of containers, transfer pipelines, reactors, hot-melt adhesive equipment or keep constant temperature

3. Food industry: The process of food conveying pipeline requires constant temperature, winter anti-freeze protection of mechanical equipment, etc.

4. Beer industry: keep constant temperature of heavy oil pipelines in boiler equipment of power workshop

5. Automotive industry: Auto body glue application equipment for automobile bodies, dispensing robots, and windshield compounds to maintain constant temperature or electric heat tracing

6. Petrochemical industry: Electricity tracing or constant temperature of gas transmission pipelines, valves, oil pipelines and other equipment

7. Experimental research: Sample gas analysis pipelines, industrial exhaust gas analysis pipelines, electric heating or constant temperature

8. Offshore platform: electric heating or constant temperature for oil pipelines, valves and other equipment

9. Nuclear power plant: analysis of chimney exhaust gas (electrical heat tracing of sample gas sampling pipes or maintaining constant temperature)

10. Environmental protection project: sewage treatment, cleaning system (underground pipeline electric heating or constant temperature)

11. Others: Electric heating or constant temperature for wax making equipment and paint equipment

What are the application scopes of electric heating cable?

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