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自控温电热带工作原理是什么? [2014-10-12] What is the working principle of self-controlling temperature electric heating belt?
The self-controlling temperature heating belt is a kind of made of conductive core tape with "PTC" characteristics and covered insulation sheath, which can automatically adjust the output power and heating temperature as the temperature of the heated object changes. Electric heating products for cable structure.
电伴热带的应用范围有哪些? [2014-09-27] What are the application scopes of electric heating cable ?
What are the application scopes of the electric heating cable? The application of the electric heating cable may be known to the chemical industry, electric power, machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries.
上海银锡工业用电伴热带如何选型? [2014-09-23] How does Shanghai Yinxi industrial electricity heating cable select?
How to select the industrial electric heating cable? For specific situations and specific analysis, it is not appropriate to divide by oil field block. All are selected with constant power electric heating cables or both are selected from temperature-controlled electric heating cables.
中秋佳节,公司给员工发福利啦 [2014-09-05] Mid-autumn festival, the company sends benefits to employees
In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company gives employees benefits! Caring for the family of employees ~ The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. The general manager of the company is sympathetic to the employees.
意大利客户来我公司参观考察 [2012-11-02] Italian customers visit our company
Shanghai Yinxi Temperature Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the most sincere service attitude, the most reliable product quality, and the most fair product price as its goals, and effectively grasped the production, sales, and service of products.
冶炼行业带动我国配电和自动化发展 [2012-07-04] Smelting industry drives the development of power distribution and automation in China
Introduction: China is in the process of rapid industrialization. The rapid economic growth cannot be separated from the development and utilization of mineral resources. As one of the indispensable material foundations of industrial and consumer goods industries, aluminum is especially important in today's electronic and information industries.
新温度监测系统护航铝业电解槽安全 [2012-07-04] New temperature monitoring system protects the safety of electrolytic cell in aluminum industry
Introduction: Recently, the "electrode cell non-connection freely distributed point shell temperature monitoring system" for the aluminum industry was successfully developed by Beijing Core Power Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The introduction of this monitoring system for the safety of electrolytic cells
工业仪表发展需要更多综合性人才 [2012-07-04] The development of industrial instrumentation needs more comprehensive talents
Guide: In 2009, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security adjusted related types of work, combining thermal instruments, automation instruments, chemical instruments, etc. into industrial automation instruments and equipment assembly. This means more jobs
在线远红外测温仪信号处理与分析 [2012-07-04] Online Far Infrared Thermometer Signal Processing and Analysis
Abstract: In this chapter, the application of low-cost passive isolation technology in temperature acquisition remote transmission system greatly improves the safety standard of the system, keeps it away from potential threats, and ensures the long-term stable operation of the system.
仪器仪表产业的发展是必须适应新环境的 [2012-07-04] The development of the instrumentation industry must adapt to the new environment
With the increasingly important development of the automation industry and the public safety field, China's instrumentation industry has gained tremendous
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