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银锡电伴热带在现代农业灌溉中的应用 [2014-10-25] Application of silver-tin electric heating cable in modern agricultural irrigation
The application of silver-tin electrical tracing in modern agricultural irrigation The temperature in some parts of northern China is relatively low in winter in winter, and crops no longer grow in winter. People can only eat some of the ones that are preserved when growing in season in winter.
电伴热带因安装容易出现短路或漏电的主要原因 [2014-09-29] The main reason that electric heating cable is prone to short circuit or leakage due to installation
Electric heating cable installation, short circuit, leakage
自限温电伴热带应该如何配置电源 [2014-09-29] How to configure power supply for self-limiting electric heating cable
The self-limiting electric heating cable is an intelligent heat tracing and insulation product. It has the characteristics of rapid startup and automatic temperature control at low temperatures. It is usually used in conjunction with a special junction box and terminal head.
自限温电伴热带老化会影响保温层的安全 [2014-09-29] Self-limiting temperature and heat aging will affect the safety of insulation
The self-limiting electric heating cable with thermistor material will shorten the service life of the self-limiting electric heating cable and cause aging under high frequency of opening and closing conditions, but this does not cause the aging of the electric heating cable.
为什么功率越大维持温度越低? [2014-09-28] Why the higher the power and the lower the temperature?
The cable structure of the constant-power electric heating belt is a wire wrapped with an insulating plastic, and a heating wire is wound on the outer wall of the plastic, and the heating wire is connected to the wire within a heating length of 1.5 to form a continuous parallel resistance.
上海银锡电伴热带的安装与运行 [2014-09-22] Installation and operation of Shanghai Yinxi Electric Heating Cable
The installation and operation of the electric heating cable are closely related to the correct installation method and installation quality in addition to the correct design and product quality. Therefore, before installing the heat tracing system, Shanghai Silver
恒功率电伴热带与自限温电伴热带的区别 [2014-09-22] The difference between constant power electric heating cable and self-limiting electric heating cable
The materials and working principles of constant power electric heating cables and self-limiting electric heating cables are different. The materials, maintaining temperature, length of use, etc. are all different. Let us take a look at constant power electric heating cables and self-limiting temperatures. The difference between electric heating cables: & nb
温度变送器原理简介、特点以及应用 [2012-07-04] Temperature transmitter principle introduction, characteristics and application
The thermocouple (resistance) changes in the measured thermoelectric potential (resistance) in the working state, and an unbalanced signal is generated through the bridge of the temperature transmitter, which is amplified and converted into a DC 4-20 mA current signal to the working instrument. Show the corresponding
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