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Glass fiber electric heating belt
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玻璃纤维电热带 Product number: 011
Product name: Glass fiber electric heating belt <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Glass fiber electric heating belt

Glass fiber heating tape is suitable for the heating and thermal insulation of tanks, tubes, tanks and other containers of various industrial equipment. It is mainly composed of electric heating materials and insulating materials. Long life and other characteristics, the insulation material is multilayer alkali-free glass fiber, which has good temperature resistance and reliable insulation performance. It has a soft structure and can be directly wound around the surface of the heated part during use. It has uniform temperature, simple installation, convenient use, safety and reliability.

The glass fiber heating belt is cordless, and the width becomes narrow as soon as it is pulled, but the length becomes longer; the width becomes wider as soon as it is pushed, but the length becomes shorter, and the total amount is constant.

Shanghai Yinxi Temperature Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of glass fiber electric heating belt and silicone rubber electric heating belt. The glass fiber electric heating belt has high temperature resistance, softness, and long life. It is suitable for heating various forms of objects. Operating temperature 450 < C. The biggest advantage is the low price.

Note: special, voltage, power, width and other requirements can be customized

Instructions for using glass fiber electric heating belt:

1Suitable for non-explosive gas environment with relative humidity.

2 In order to reduce heat loss, an insulation layer should be added outside the electric heating belt.

3 When wrapping around uneven devices such as valves, narrow bands should be used to make the electric heating belt in good contact with the heated device.

4 At the overlapped winding, metal sheets should be used to separate the heat to help dissipate heat, otherwise it will cause overheating of the overlap and cause early damage.

1. The external plug of the glass fiber electric heating belt is inserted into the thermostat panel, the temperature control probe is placed between the tube wall and the glass fiber ribbon, and the glass fiber ribbon is tightly contacted. Set the temperature and power on.

2. After the glass fiber is powered on for a long time, the surface temperature can reach more than 200 degrees, and the temperature should be controlled within 100, otherwise it will affect the service life.

3. Purchase the glass fiber heating belt separately without the electronic temperature controller. If you need temperature control, you need to take another shot. Temperature controller range: 0-99 < C

4. When the product has a leakage current and the current is greater than 10 milliamps (safety value specified by the state), the leakage protection plug will automatically cut off the power. Work, stop working.

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