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Teflon with shielded heating wire
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铁氟龙带屏蔽发热线 Product Number: 001
Product name: Teflon tape shielded heating wire <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Teflon Electric Hotline

Teflon with shielded heating wire, referred to as electric heating wire. After it is energized, it uses the heat effect of the current to generate heat. It uses nickel-chromium alloy, constantan alloy and copper-nickel alloy as heating conductors. It is called resistance in basic physics. Wire, using Teflon as the insulation layer, the thickness and color of the unit can be selected arbitrarily, the product temperature limit is 250 < C, the long-term service life below 180 < C for more than 15 years, the Teflon electric hotline products are not sticky and heat Good performance, sliding, moisture resistance, resistance to strong acids and alkalis, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, nonflammability, high fluorine index, low smoke and halogen free, no aging, easy stripping, high strength and friction resistance, usually can bear 10KG-50KG The pulling force is recognized by the industry as one of the best selling components for heating.

The first layer: flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which can withstand high temperatures of 180 < C (Note: ordinary PVC can withstand high temperatures of 75 < C).

Second layer: stainless steel screen

The third layer: high temperature resistant cross-linked polyethylene at 150 < C (ordinary polyethylene is only about 105 < C).

The fourth layer: PTFE, can withstand high temperature of 320-350 ℃.

The fifth layer: carbon fiber heating wire heating element: imported Toray filament carbon fiber heating element from Japan, with stable resistance and uniform temperature, which cannot be compared with cheap carbon fiber heating element.

Independent research and development of K-type joints and injection molding process: one-time injection molding, stronger, seamless, and damage to the wire is reduced to 0, which is 35% higher in water resistance and 39% higher in insulation than the second-form K-type joint.

Power wire: GB pure copper core, 2.5mm in diameter, extremely flexible, can withstand any bending during construction.

Multiple inspections before leaving the factory: Each wire will be tested for 24 hours of water resistance, and high voltage resistance test 5000 volts without breakdown.

The iron gas dragon belt shielded heating wire adopts artificial compression injection molding joints, and uses international patented 4-level combined processing technology. The internal heating wire and cold wire of the heating cable directly use the American BNT terminal for manual cold pressing. It is mainly used for the insulation of various electric heating electronic products. heating.

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