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LCD track heater
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LCD履带式加热器 Product Number: 015
Product name: LCD track heater <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Tracked electric heating belt

Ceramic heaters are also known as flexible heaters in the world. They are made of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wires and cables, and made of high-purity alumina ceramic insulators. They are made of track or rope heaters and other product forms. It can be made according to the shape and size of the workpiece, and it can be spliced, bent, and wound in close contact with the workpiece for heating. The maximum surface temperature can reach 1050 < C. It has a wide range of uses, fast heating, high heat utilization rate, significant energy saving, low labor intensity, convenient operation and so on. It is suitable for various metal components, such as large-scale towers, high-pressure vessels, bridges, and high-pressure pipelines. Welding preheating and stress relief after welding. It can also be used for auxiliary heating of chemical pipelines and vessels. It is an ideal local heating equipment.

The tracked ceramic heating belt / device replaces the traditional backward method, and is an ideal product for local heating, field heating, and external heating. The preheating of various industrial equipment and large workpieces before welding and the elimination of stress after welding all require local heat treatment. In order to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the workpiece and strengthening the regional toughness.

At present, in large-scale workpieces or field sites, the traditional methods of equipment maintenance are traditional, inefficient and energy-intensive high-frequency heating, flame heating or the traditional method of investing a lot of money in manufacturing special super-heating furnaces for heat treatment. In addition, old methods are used for drying and high-temperature heating of metal containers. For example, ① steam pipe heating and water-oil separator indirect conduction heating method (but cannot meet certain high-temperature heating requirements, and the container is bulky, labor-intensive, and difficult to repair). ② To destroy the container, use the electric heating rod insertion heating method (some materials are not allowed to come into contact with the heating body or the electric heating rod is damaged and the contaminated materials are not allowed to be carried out during maintenance). ③ Use electric furnace wire to connect ordinary porcelain tube. Winding external heating method (porcelain tube and container are in line contact, the contact surface is small, the thermal efficiency is low, and ordinary porcelain parts are fragile and unsafe.

The oil barrel electric heating belt adjusts the temperature to the temperature that needs to be heated, so that the liquid and solidified matter in the oil barrel, the tank body and the pipeline are dissolved, the viscosity is reduced, and it is easy to take out. At the same time, the pressure of the suction pump is reduced due to the decrease in viscosity. The oil drum electric heating belt is equipped with a temperature sensor and an adjustment controller to adjust the temperature according to demand.

1. Used for heating and thermal insulation of 200 liter standard oil drums, and also widely used for heating of other barrels and valve insulation. 2. The heating barrel of the oil barrel reduces the concentration and viscosity of the liquid and coagulate in the barrel by heating the surface of the barrel, making it easy to take out, and it is not affected by the season.

Three components of heat treatment:

1. Ceramic electric heater: the heating element is the heat source when the workpiece is heated. Our company provides you with a variety of models and specifications, each with its own characteristics and performance. Such as LCD track heaters, SCD rope heaters, NJ internal heating frame heaters, etc., users generally need to choose according to the shape, thickness and required temperature value of the workpiece to be heated.

2. Temperature control box: It is matched with ceramic electric heater to provide power for ceramic electric heater and control its working state to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The temperature control box is equipped with a temperature controller, which is used to control and measure the temperature of the workpiece, and the configured temperature recorder is used to record the temperature curve of the workpiece in real time for the user to archive. At present, our company provides users with temperature control boxes of various models and specifications, such as ZWK, WCK, RWK series intelligent temperature program control boxes, DWK, TCS series computer temperature control boxes, LWK series temperature control boxes, etc. The user needs to choose the ideal and practical temperature control box according to the heating range, heating process requirements and site requirements.

3. Auxiliary materials: mainly KJ type quick-connecting wires (connecting lines for the distance between the temperature control box and the heater, also used in series with 36V, 55V, 110V and other heaters, and equipped with quick plugs), thermocouples (temperature sensors , Used to measure the temperature of the heated workpiece), compensating wire (the connecting line between the thermocouple and the temperature control box), aluminum silicate high-temperature insulation cotton (to prevent heat emission).

1. The heated workpiece must be reliably grounded. Do not overlap the heater when using it.

2. The thermocouple should be reliably attached to the workpiece. Special specifications can be customized. The width of the heater should be 7-10 times the wall thickness of the object being heated.

3. The power error is \ 3%, and the shape tolerance is \ 2%.

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