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Anti-freezing and heat-preserving heating cable for low temperature pipeline
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低温管道防冻保温伴热带 Product Number: 001
Product name: Frostproof and heat-preserving heating cable for low temperature pipeline
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Self-controlling temperature heating belt

Self-controlling temperature tracing cable (referred to as self-regulating electric heating cable, self-limiting electric heating belt) is the only new generation of strip-shaped constant temperature electric heater. The resistivity of the heating element has a high positive temperature coefficient (PTC) (Postive Temperature Coefficent) and is connected in parallel with each other. The characteristics are: it can automatically limit the temperature during heating, and automatically adjust the output power with the temperature of the heated system without any additional equipment; it can be arbitrarily shortened or used within a certain length range, and allows multiple cross-overlaps without Concerns about overheating and burning. These characteristics make the heat tracing cable have the advantages of preventing overheating, simple use and maintenance, and energy saving.

High-temperature self-limiting electric heating product structure:

1. Copper core wire 2. Conductive plastic layer 3. Polyolefin insulation layer 4. Tinned copper wire shielding layer 5. Fluoroplastic

Two parallel copper stranded wires are power buses, and a conductive polymer material is uniformly packed in the middle as a heating core material. When the bus is connected to the power, the current flows through the heating core material before the two buses, which makes the core material heat up, and its resistance automatically increases. When the temperature of the core material rises to a certain value, the resistance is so large that it almost blocks the current, and the temperature of the core material no longer rises. At the same time, the core material transfers heat to the heated system through the sheath, and the temperature decreases. When the temperature drops to a certain value, the resistance has gradually decreased, and the heating temperature of the core material rises again. In this way, the constant temperature of the heated body can be maintained.

The self-controlling temperature heating cable is composed of nano-conductive carbon particles and two flat bus bars plus an insulating layer. Due to this parallel structure, all electric heating cables can be cut to any length on the site and connected by two or three-way junction boxes. .

In each tracer, the number of circuits between the busbars changes with the effect of temperature. When the temperature around the tracer becomes cold, the conductive plastic shrinks with micromolecules and the carbon particles are linked to form a circuit. Current flows through these circuits. , Make the heating wire heat.

When the temperature rises, the conductive plastic produces micromolecular expansion, the carbon particles gradually separate and cause the circuit to be interrupted, the resistance rises, and the heating wire will automatically reduce the power output.

When the ambient temperature becomes cold, the plastic returns to a micromolecular contraction state, the carbon particles are linked together to form a circuit, and the heating power of the heating wire rises again. The self-controlling electric heating cable has advantages that other heating equipment does not. The temperature it controls does not change. It will be too high and not too low, because the temperature is automatically adjusted.

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