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Double Teflon heating wire
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双层铁氟龙发热线 Product Number: 002
Product name : Double Teflon heating wire <br> Specification : 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Teflon Electric Hotline

Double-layer Teflon heating wire is a stubborn plastic composite made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material. It is a new material with higher strength than steel, lower density than aluminum, corrosion resistance than stainless steel, high temperature resistance than heat-resistant steel, and electrical conductivity like copper. . The aircraft made of composite materials made of carbon fiber and plastic is not only lightweight, but also consumes less power and has low noise. The disks of electronic computers made of carbon fiber can increase the storage capacity and computing speed of computers. The satellites are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic Space vehicles such as rockets and rockets have high mechanical strength and small mass, which can save a lot of fuel.

The carbon fiber in the double-layer Teflon heating cable is made of imported materials and has high safety performance. In the working state of the working circuit with a working current of 50MA, the carbon fiber and the covering material were bent 50,000 times (the national standard is 10,000 times) (30 times / minute) without any damage.

The double-layer Teflon heating wire heating system is a complete and standardized modern household electric heating system. It is mainly composed of carbon fiber heating wires and thermostat (sensor) wires. The heating demand is preset, and the thermostat automatically regulates and heats the carbon fiber heating element, providing comfortable, hygienic, healthy, convenient and economic heating energy.

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