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YDR oil drum heating belt
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YDR型油桶加热带 Product Number: 014
Product name: YDR oil drum heating belt <br> Specification: 0
Product Note: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Silicone rubber heating belt

(EX) YDR 200L heater uses heating tube as heating element. The oil drum is heated by conduction, convection and radiation. Its characteristics: uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, easy operation, safe and reliable use. It is mainly suitable for decondensing and thawing the medium in tanks such as chemical industry, petroleum, and oil depots. Such as grease, bitumen, heavy oil, paint, wax, etc.

The oil drum electric heating belt is a kind of silicone rubber electric heater with soft characteristics, which can be bent and has high heat resistance. The installation is based on the spring buckle attached to the heating belt itself, and the electric heating belt is tightly wrapped in the oil barrel, tank, and pipe where the heating is required, and the spring buckle can be fastened.

The oil barrel electric heating belt adjusts the temperature to the temperature that needs to be heated, so that the liquid and solidified matter in the oil barrel, the tank body and the pipeline are dissolved, the viscosity is reduced, and it is easy to take out. At the same time, the pressure of the suction pump is reduced due to the decrease in viscosity. The oil drum electric heating belt is equipped with a temperature sensor and an adjustment controller, which can be adjusted according to demand.

1. It is used for heating and moisturizing 200- liter standard oil drums, and is also widely used for heating and moisturizing of other barrels.

2. The heating barrel of the oil barrel reduces the concentration and viscosity of the liquid and coagulate in the barrel by heating the surface of the barrel body, making it easy to take out and not affected by the season.


A thermostat is installed on the surface of the heating belt, and the temperature is directly controlled by the thermostat (usually 30-150 degrees). Commonly used for heating and moisturizing 200-liter standard oil drums, and also widely used for heating and moisturizing valves of other barrels.

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