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Marine constant power electric heating belt
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船用恒功率电热带 Product Number: 010
Product name: Marine constant power electric heating belt <br> Specification: RDP2 -J3-40
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Constant power electric heating belt

CHBL marine electrical heating cable is specially developed for marine vessels, offshore oil rigs and other explosive atmospheres in harsh environments. Its structure and working principle are the same as those of the parallel type electric heating cable. It is produced on the basis of single-phase or three-phase parallel electric heating cable with more stringent and advanced technology. In addition to all the characteristics of the heating cable, it also has better flame retardancy, oil resistance, heat resistance, and anti-mold growth.

  ① Tin-plated round copper wire; ② Core wire insulation layer; ③ Inner sheath insulation layer; ④ Heating wire; ⑤ Outer sheath; ⑥ Metal braided layer; 加强 Reinforced sheath

Use characteristics
1. Ambient air temperature: -25 ~ \ 55 ℃;
2. Vibration and shock generated during the normal course of the ship;
3. No direct impact by external force;
4. The minimum bending radius is not less than six times the thickness of the heating cable;
5. The voltage and frequency fluctuate from the rated value by + 6 ~ -10% and \ 5% respectively;
6. Moist air, salt mist, oil mist and mold.

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