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Explosion-proof heating cable of oil pipeline
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石油管道防爆伴热带 Product Number: 004
Product name: Explosion-proof heating cable for oil pipelines <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Self-controlling temperature heating belt

The heavy oil in crude oil contains wax and high coagulation due to "poor physical properties". During the production of crude oil, when the crude oil reaches the gathering and pumping station from the oil layer through the oil pipes and pipelines, the temperature of the crude oil is lower than the critical flow temperature due to heat loss . This will lead to the precipitation of wax, a sudden increase in viscosity, an increase in flow pressure, and a failure to successfully mine. "Thermal oil recovery" is to use the heat source to carry out heat exchange along the carrier and crude oil (thick, waxy, condensed) during the production and transportation process, supplement the heat loss, overcome the above problems, and achieve the purpose of smooth extraction.

The silver-tin self-temperature-controlling oil well mixing cable electric heating device is a self-regulating temperature-controlled oil well mixing cable electric heating device, which automatically adjusts the output power in the direction of the pipeline in the reverse direction of the temperature gradient of the well after the power is turned on. Heat is supplied to the inside of the oil pipe through the outer wall of the oil pipe, and a constant temperature is maintained along the line to achieve the effects of reducing viscosity, eliminating errors, and increasing pump efficiency. The core is that the three sets of PTC heating core tapes in the heating cable are made of conductive polymer PTC functional materials and processed by extrusion radiation. Each point can change in reverse with the temperature of the heated system. In order to achieve the effects of automatic compensation, automatic adjustment and automatic control.

1. Tinned round copper wire 2. Core insulation layer 3. Inner sheath insulation 4. Outer sheath 5. Metal braid

Provide the required heat for the oil production pipe to keep the oil temperature above the critical point of waxy crude oil and heavy oil. The self-adjusting and variable output power enables the design of self-controlling heat tracing cable to achieve the best economic benefits.

The self-control performance prevents the tubing from overheating, does not cause hot spots or burns down due to changes in well conditions. The self-controlling temperature technology enables each point of the heat tracing cable to adjust its power automatically due to the temperature change of each point of the heat tracing system. As the temperature of the oil pipe increases, the heat tracing cable will automatically reduce the output heat, and vice versa. Heating the cable in this way will continuously compensate for temperature fluctuations, while conventional electric heating wires (constant power) are prone to local overheating and burnout.

The self-control performance can better meet the special requirements of each well, and it can be used continuously or repeatedly, and it can also be used for further energy saving due to well conditions, especially for intermittent wax removal.

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