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Shielded explosion-proof heating cable
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屏蔽防爆型伴热带 Product Number: 002
Product name: Shielded explosion-proof heating cable <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Self-controlling temperature heating belt

Self-controlling temperature tracing cable (referred to as self-regulating electric heating cable, self-limiting electric heating belt) is the only new generation of strip-shaped constant temperature electric heater. The resistivity of the heating element has a high positive temperature coefficient (PTC) (Postive Temperature Coefficent) and is connected in parallel with each other. The characteristics are: it can automatically limit the temperature during heating, and automatically adjust the output power with the temperature of the heated system without any additional equipment; it can be arbitrarily shortened or used within a certain length range, and allows multiple cross-overlaps without Concerns about overheating and burning. These characteristics make the heat tracing cable have the advantages of preventing overheating, simple use and maintenance, and energy saving.

Cable structure:

1. Copper conductor: 7 〜 0.42, 7 〜 0.50, 19 〜 0.32

2. Conductive plastic layer: ordinary PTC, flame retardant PTC, fluorine-containing PTC

3. Insulation layer: modified polyolefin, flame retardant polyolefin, fluorinated polyolefin, perfluorinated material

4. Shielding layer: tinned soft round copper wire, covering density 80%

1. The temperature of the heat tracing pipeline is uniform, it will not overheat, and it is safe and reliable.

2. Save electricity. When intermittent operation, the heating starts quickly.

3. Low installation and operation costs, facilitating automated management

4. No environmental pollution, suitable for heating of complex pipelines

5.Applicable to heat tracing of pipelines away from the device and antifreeze of instrument boxes and pipelines

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