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Liquefied gas cylinder heating belt
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液化气瓶加热带 Product Number: 012
Product name: Liquefied gas cylinder heating belt <br> Specification: 0
Product Note: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Silicone rubber heating belt

The product is mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire and silicon rubber high-temperature insulation cloth. It has fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, easy to use and not easy to age. By heating, the bottom gas in the liquefied gas tank is easily released, thereby saving energy and improving the use efficiency of the liquefied gas.

Silicone rubber heating belt, electric heating plate, oil drum special heating belt, good waterproof performance, can be used in humid environments, such as outdoor wireless transmitter room, power distribution room, power distribution cabinet moisture-proof; no explosive gas occasions industrial equipment pipes, tanks Barrels, tanks, heating, mixing and insulation can be directly wound on the surface of the heated part when in use; can be used for auxiliary heating of air-conditioning compressors, motors, submersible pumps and other equipment.

1. The main components of the current liquefied gas are carbon three and carbon four. General refineries separate propylene through the device, which results in the reduction of the carbon three component and makes the liquefied gas heavy, but because of the carbon two and carbon five, If the composition is qualified, the unqualified liquefied gas can smoothly leave the factory. The temperature is not high in summer. The problem is not obvious, but in winter, a large number of nights will be generated.

2. When designing liquefied gas cylinders, the company manufactures them at 50 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 1.6 MPa. The lower the external ambient temperature, the lower the pressure in the cylinder, resulting in the liquefied gas not being able to exit smoothly when the temperature is low, affecting efficiency. . The liquefied gas auxiliary heating belt radiates heat through electric heating to make the liquefied gas flow smoothly at low temperatures, greatly reducing waste.

Precautions for application: The product must be kept clean when in use, and must not be immersed in water or oil to prevent short circuits!

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