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Three-phase constant power electric heating belt
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三相恒功率电热带 Product Number: 009
Product Name: Three-phase constant power electric heating belt <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Constant power electric heating belt

The principle of the three-phase constant-power electric heating cable is basically the same, except that the single-phase belt uses single-phase power supply, and the three-phase constant-power electric heating belt uses three-phase triangle power supply. In addition to the characteristics of single-phase heating cables, the three-phase belt is particularly suitable. For heat tracing and insulation of long distance and large diameter pipes, it can be used in the T3 group of explosive gas mixtures in the first and second zones of the factory .

① tinned round copper wire; ② core wire insulation layer; ③ inner sheath insulation layer; ④ heating wire; ⑤ outer sheath; ⑥ metal braided layer; ⑦ reinforced sheath

2.Parallel three-phase constant power series

a. Overview In addition to the parallel single-phase belt performance, the parallel three-phase electric heating belt is particularly suitable for heat tracing of large-diameter, long-distance pipelines, and can balance the load on the power grid. The use of this product must be matched with the explosion-proof thermostat thermocouple

b. The structural principle is shown in the structural diagram: three parallel insulated copper wires are used as the power bus, and every other heating section is connected with the power bus abcabc alternately and cyclically in order to form a continuous parallel resistance between each three phases, and the bus is connected to three-phase 380V The power supply and each parallel resistor generate heat.

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