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Oil well dedicated heating cable for oil industry
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油行业专用油井电伴热带 Product Number: 007
Product name: Oil well electric heating cable for oil industry <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Special electric heating belt

Crude oils such as heavy oils, waxy crude oils, and high-condensate oils are all "poor in physical properties". During the production process, when crude oil reaches the gathering and pumping station from the reservoir through the oil pipes and pipelines, the temperature of the crude oil is low due to heat loss At the critical flow temperature, this will lead to the precipitation of wax, a sudden increase in viscosity, and an increase in flow pressure drop, which will prevent smooth mining. "Thermal oil recovery" is the use of heat sources along the process of production and transportation, through the carrier and crude oil (thick, wax, condensation) to carry out heat exchange, supplement heat loss, overcome the above problems, to achieve the purpose of smooth extraction.

When the temperature rises, the thermal expansion causes part of the current channel network to be gradually disconnected, and the amount of heat generated by the current reduction will also decrease; when the temperature rises to a certain range, the current channel in the conductive plastic will almost become open due to thermal expansion. The power of the heating cable is cut off. When the temperature decreases, the core band shrinks, the current channel is turned on again, and the heating cable starts to supply heat again. The following figure shows the self-control principle of conductive plastic, and the red dot is the heat tracing element in the conductive plastic.

1. Economical: Simple installation and heating system that obtains the best benefits according to the design of specific wells. The system has an immediate effect on crude oil production in the following ways:

2. Reduce wax blocking and frequent scraping of oil pipes;

3. Increase the temperature and reduce viscosity to reduce the flow resistance of the wellbore and increase the pump efficiency;

4. Reduce the stress on the pump and pump rod, reduce the floating effect of the sucker rod, prevent the sucker rod from floating, and extend the service life.

5. Easy to control: The heat output from the electric heating cable of the oil well can be changed according to the needs, so that the operating cost reaches the minimum value. After the well is temporarily closed, the oil pipe will not be blocked and the production capacity of the oil well can be quickly restored. At the same time, low-flow crude oil will not partially block the tubing.

6. It will not pollute the crude oil, which can not only obtain the full value of the crude oil produced, but also not affect the downstream refining processing technology.

When the crude oil reaches the gathering and pumping station from the oil layer through the oil pipes and pipelines, the temperature of the crude oil is lower than the critical flow temperature due to heat loss. This will cause the precipitation of wax, a sudden increase in viscosity, and an increase in the flow pressure drop, which will prevent smooth extraction. Many oil well heating processes have been widely used in industry, and it also has important practical significance for various types of pipeline insulation protection. In order to reduce environmental pollution, special electric power for oil wells came into being along with the heat.

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