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SCD type rope heater
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SCD型绳式加热器 Product Number: 016
Product Name: SCD Rope Heater <br> Specification: 0
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Tracked electric heating belt

Ceramic heating ropes are commonly known as flexible heaters. They are made of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire and cable, and made of high-purity alumina ceramic insulation. They are made of track or rope heaters and other product forms. It can be made according to the shape and size of the workpiece, and can be connected in parallel, bent, and wound to closely heat the workpiece.

Note: Rope heaters are especially suitable for work pieces in the shape of pipes, pipe joints, etc., and where the space around the heating part is narrow and difficult to operate.

It is composed of high-temperature-resistant multi-strand high-quality electric heating wires and high-strength, high-temperature-resistant ceramic pieces according to special process requirements. It has arbitrary bending characteristics in its length direction and can be widely used for on-site heat treatment of various industrial equipment and workpieces. Various metal containers, pipelines drying, heating and heating, various die heads, high temperature external heating of the mold and other occasions.

1. Where is the heating rope used?

The rope heater has a wire diameter of 12MM and a minimum bending diameter of 60MM. It can meet the heat treatment of various pipes above 60MM. It is difficult to operate in the narrow space around the workpiece such as pipes, pipe joints and heating parts.

加热绳该怎么使用? 2. How to use the heating rope?

For pipeline welds, you only need to wind the heating rope side by side around the weld. The heating width is about 8 times the wall thickness. Above the weld, a temperature measuring thermocouple is placed under the heater. cotton.

3. What is the difference between a heating rope and a heating pipe?

The heating rope is made of alumina ceramic [steel jade] element with high strength and good heat radiation performance as the insulating material, and a 2080 nickel-chromium wire cable is used as the heating element to be worn in the high-temperature ceramic.

Ceramic heating rope has the characteristics of fast heating speed, high heat utilization rate, significant energy saving, low labor intensity, safe and reliable use, and convenient operation. It is a novel and practical local heat treatment heater in the welding industry.

Three components of heat treatment:

1. Ceramic electric heater: the heating element is the heat source when the workpiece is heated. Our company provides you with a variety of models and specifications, each with its own characteristics and performance. Such as LCD track heaters, SCD rope heaters, NJ internal heating frame heaters, etc., users generally need to choose according to the shape, thickness and required temperature value of the workpiece to be heated.

2. Temperature control box: It is matched with ceramic electric heater to provide power for ceramic electric heater and control its working state to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The temperature control box is equipped with a temperature controller, which is used to control and measure the temperature of the workpiece, and the configured temperature recorder is used to record the temperature curve of the workpiece in real time for the user to archive. At present, our company provides users with temperature control boxes of various models and specifications, such as ZWK, WCK, RWK series intelligent temperature program control boxes, DWK, TCS series computer temperature control boxes, LWK series temperature control boxes, etc. The user needs to choose the ideal and practical temperature control box according to the heating range, heating process requirements and site requirements.

3. Auxiliary materials: mainly KJ type quick-connecting wires (connecting lines for the distance between the temperature control box and the heater, also used in series with 36V, 55V, 110V and other heaters, and equipped with quick plugs), thermocouples (temperature sensors , Used to measure the temperature of the heated workpiece), compensating wire (the connecting line between the thermocouple and the temperature control box), aluminum silicate high-temperature insulation cotton (to prevent heat emission).

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