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Self-limiting electric heating cable for flue gas desulfurization in power plant
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电厂烟气脱硫用自限温电伴热带 Product Number: 005
Product name: Self-limiting temperature heating cable for flue gas desulfurization in power plants <br>
Product Remarks: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Special electric heating belt

Because most domestic power plants use high-sulfur coal as the main fuel, China ’s sulfur dioxide emissions are increasing year by year. A large amount of sulfur dioxide emissions make China the third largest acid rain pollution country and region in the world after North America and Europe. In order to protect the environment that depends on it, reduce sulfur emissions and harm, power plant flue gas desulfurization technology is receiving widespread attention, and the environmental protection industry is gradually taking shape.

For this reason, our company has specially developed a self-limiting electric heating tropical series for the desulfurization and environmental protection projects of power plants. phenomenon. At present, this series of products are used in many domestic power plant desulfurization projects, and users have responded well.

Yinxi Power Plant's flue gas desulfurization pipeline heat-preserves the heating cable. Without touching the medium in the pipeline, it can evenly heat the pipeline to maintain the temperature balance to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and antifreeze. Any local (minimal segment length) in the heating zone has an automatic (arbitrary temperature-power output) adjustment function that individually adapts to ambient temperature changes.

Two parallel copper stranded wires are power buses, and a conductive polymer material is uniformly packed in the middle as a heating core material. When the bus is connected to the power, the current flows through the heating core material between the two buses horizontally, which makes the core material heat up, and its resistance automatically increases accordingly. When the temperature of the core material rises to a certain value, the resistance is so large that it almost blocks the current, and the temperature of the core material no longer rises. At the same time, the core material transfers heat to the heated system through the sheath, and the temperature decreases. When the temperature drops to a certain value, the resistance has gradually decreased, and the heating temperature of the core material rises again. In this way, the constant temperature of the heated body can be maintained.

The self-regulating electric heating cable is composed of nano-conductive carbon particles and two parallel bus bars plus an insulating layer. Due to this parallel structure, all electric heating cables can be cut to any length on the site, using two-way or three-way junction boxes. connection.

In each tracer, the number of circuits between the busbars changes with the effect of temperature. When the temperature around the tracer becomes cold, the conductive plastic shrinks and the carbon particles are connected to form a circuit. The current flows through these circuits. , Make the heating wire heat.

When the temperature rises, the conductive plastic expands with tritium molecules, the carbon particles gradually separate, causing the circuit to be interrupted and the resistance to rise, and the heating wire will automatically reduce the power output.

When the ambient temperature becomes cold, the plastic returns to the micromolecular contraction state, the carbon particles are connected to form a circuit, and the heating power of the heating wire rises again. The self-controlling temperature heating cable has the benefits that other heating equipment does not have. The temperature it controls It will not be too high or too low, because the temperature is automatically adjusted.

Our company's special electric heating tape for power plants is a special electric heating tape produced for power plants or pipelines with steam sweep lines. Its product feature is that a heat insulation layer is installed between the sheath and the shielding layer of the electric heat strip, which can be directly installed on the steam sweep line. The pipe wall of the line solves the need for heat insulation methods such as heat insulation clamps for the installation of electric heating belts in pipelines with steam sweep lines.

Not only save the installation and maintenance costs, but also because the electric heating belt is directly installed on the pipe wall, so that the heat tracing effect is more direct and effective, thereby reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Therefore, the special electric heating belt for power plants is the best type of electric heating belt for pipelines with steam sweeping lines.

Electric heat tracing is the use of electric heat tracing equipment to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, it supplements the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment through the insulation material, and adopts temperature control to track and control the medium in the heat tracing equipment Temperature to keep it at a reasonable and economic level.

Advantages of self-limiting electric heating cable for desulfurization of electric cigarette factory:

1. The temperature of the heat tracing pipeline is uniform, it will not overheat, it is safe and reliable, and it can save electricity. During intermittent operation, the heating starts quickly, which is convenient for automated management;

2. Low installation and operation costs, easy installation and maintenance; no environmental pollution, suitable for heating of complex pipelines;

3. Suitable for heat tracing of pipelines far from the device, and suitable for anti-freezing of instrument boxes and pipelines;

Electrical desulfurization refers to the removal of sulfur in fuel before combustion and the desulfurization process before the emission of flue gas. It is one of the important technical measures to prevent and control air pollution. At present, there are generally three methods of desulfurization before combustion, during combustion and after combustion. With the development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the thirst for energy has also increased. S02 in coal-fired flue gas has become the main cause of air pollution. Reducing S02 pollution has become a top priority for today's atmospheric environment governance. Many flue gas desulfurization processes have been widely used in industry, and they have important practical significance for the treatment of various boiler and incinerator exhaust gases. In order to reduce environmental pollution, self-limiting temperature electricity for power plants came into being with the need of the tropics.

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