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Silicone belt for compressor
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压缩机用硅胶带 Product Number: 013
Product Name: Silicone Belt for Compressor <br> Specification: 0
Product Note: If there are special requirements, please specify in the order contract <br> Product Category: Silicone rubber heating belt

Silicone rubber heating sheet is a kind of sheet that is heated when it is energized. It is mainly etched into a certain shape by nickel-chromium alloy heating wire or nickel-chrome foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.10 mm. The resulting thermally conductive insulating material is made by high temperature molding and aging heat treatment, so it has high reliability. It is soft and flexible, with fast heat generation, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, convenient use, long safety life, not easy to age, and can be in close contact with the heated object. The heating element is processed by nickel-chrome wire or nickel alloy alloy foil. The conventional heating power is 0.4W-0.5W / cm2, and the customized heating power range is 0.1-1.2w / cm2. The color is red or orange, and the soft film can be closely attached to various curved surfaces. The production of shape and power breaks through the technical disadvantages of traditional heaters, makes it easier to get close to the heated object, and the shape can be changed as required.

The heating element of the silicone rubber heating belt of Shanghai Yinxi Compressor is processed by nickel-chrome wire or nickel alloy alloy foil. The conventional heating power is 0.4W-0.5W / cm2, and the heating power can be customized from 0.1-1.2w. / cm2, soft red or orange-yellow soft film that can closely adhere to various curved surfaces, can be made in various shapes and powers, technically breaks through the hard disadvantages of traditional heaters, and can be more conveniently close to being heated Object, and the shape can be changed as required.

Note: special, voltage, power, width and other requirements can be customized

Advantages of compressor motor silicone rubber heating belt:

1. Fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency and strong plasticity

2. Acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, high electrical insulation strength.

3. The volume is small, and the heating piece takes up almost no space in use.

4. Easy to use, because of its own insulation and no open flame, the process of heat preservation and heat insulation is greatly simplified.

5. Wide temperature range, -60 < C ~ 250 < C, which cannot be reached by general electrical appliances.

6. Can be made into any size, and the temperature controller can assist the temperature adjustment control function.

7. The surface of the silicone heating plate can be waterproof, but it is not completely waterproof. It can be wiped away with conductive liquid such as water, or it can't be put into or invaded the water.

Antifreeze heating accessories: silicone rubber heating belt + thermostatic switch (adjustable thermostat) + aluminum foil tape + plug (leakage protection plug)

Matching plan 1: constant temperature control heating (the heating belt needs to be connected with a constant temperature switch / adjustable temperature controller for temperature control, which can last for a long time. Accessories: heating belt + constant temperature switch aluminum foil tape + plug

Matching plan two: Manually controlled heating (the plug on the heating belt is directly energized for heating, and the power supply will be turned off and reused when the water pipe is frozen) Accessories: heating belt + aluminum foil tape + plug

Installation method: first wrap the heating tape around the water pipe, and then add a temperature control switch to the thermostat (or adjustable temperature controller). After installation, put aluminum foil tape in the bag to fix and maintain the heat, and plug in the power supply (recommended to buy a temperature control Device)

Application considerations:

(1) During installation, the flat side of the silicone rubber of the electrical heating strip should be close to the surface of the medium pipe and tank, and fixed with aluminum foil tape.

(2) In order to reduce heat loss, an insulation layer should be added outside the electric heating belt.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to overlap the winding installation to prevent overheating damage.

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